In your bag number 240, Loren Tayerle
A Leica heavy bag for you today, and Loren just so happens to have one of the coolest jobs ever. Come and read about Loren’s awesome bag.

Hi my name is Loren Tayerle from San Francisco, California. I lead a double life as a professional musician and a winemaker. I’m sending this to you from Carmel, CA where I am performing at The Bach Festival for the 27th year. All the fabulous photographers past and present here have inspired my photography. I shoot things from my daily life but also enjoy still life and figure photography. I have an embarrassing number of cameras but do use most of them. I started shooting film again about 4 years ago and am obsessed but I love my beat up M8 too. This is my bag I carry with me every day, everywhere.

Versatile Tenba messenger bag
User Leica M8 and M4-P
f2 40mm Summicron –C and a Voigtlander 21mm f4 Skopar – both fine lens for the money.
Sometimes I throw my Fuji GA645Zi medium format point and shoot in instead of the M4
7” Galaxy Tab and Ipod Touch
Pencil case
Datebook and Moleskin notebook
Sekonic L-308S meter
Gitzo monopod
Big knife
Surefire E2D flashlight great for light painting
Blackberry is usually in my back pocket – I can almost rule the world with the Blackberry and Galaxy Tab!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Loren. I love the bag and the job. Sounds like you enjoy what you do very much. Happy shooting.
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