In your bag number 236, Christian Nilson
Todays bag comes from one of my happy customers. Christian lives in Switzerland and has a lovely bag set for us. Lets have a look at what he shoots with…

I thought it would be time to send you a shot of my bag, since it contains a camera that went through your capable hands. A bit about myself. I’m Swedish by origin but live and work in Switzerland since about 3 months now I shoot mostly film, a process I quickly learned to love. It (I think) has forced me to make better photographs. I don’t develop myself since I shot color and mostly slide film. I do however scan myself. I shot mostly street or projects for friends like restaurant openings and weddings. I’m currently working on a personal project that focuses on the daily life in and around the main station in Zurich. Here is the content of my bag:

Rolleiflex 2.8GX (sourced by you)
Leica M6 with a 35mm Zeiss f2 on it
Leica M9-P with a 50mm Elmar-M 2.8 on it
Sekonic lightmeter
Some film (mostly Kodak E100G both 135 and 120 and some Portra 400)
My Macbook Air

That’s it, I try to keep it simple ;o) Oh and the link to my Flickr account
Thank you for the opportunity to show my bag. If you should like my current project “The Station” I would be more than happy if you feel that it is good enough for a feature on your site. Hope the quality of the pics are ok.

Thanks for sharing your lovely bag with us Chris. I always like to see how one of the cameras I sourced is being put to use.
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