In your bag number 222, Hannah & Joel
A first for JCH today. We have a dual bag for you! That is right, this bag is not one persons alone, it is a bag belonging to a photographic partnership from Belgium and Paris. How European and cool is that? Check it out.


We are Hannah & Joel, a Belgian-French photographer duo based between Paris and Antwerp.

We met a year 1/2 ago in Belgium. We discovered very soon that we had a very interesting artistic connection and last december, we stepped forward and started to work together.

We do fashion pictures and put our heart and soul in every shooting to capture more than a piece of garment or an accessory -a spirit, a philosophy, and most importantly, emotions.

More than cameras, our tools are charged with a history, like the Leica M3 and Summilux 50mm f1,4 used for decades by Joel’s grandfather -photography was a family business. A lovely Diana +, Hannah’s last birthday present, with a handmade leather strap. Our latest toy is a massive Mamiya press universal + Mamiya 100mm f3,5. With this one, we shoot polas and 6×9 film rolls. We also like to shoot some footage with our iPhones and a very nice app called 8mm, a perfect and cheaper alternative to 8mm film packs -eventhough we have to try some one day…

Our favorite films to capture our images are TriX in 135 and 120, Portra 160 or 400, also in 135 and 120, Fuji FP100 and the famous Polaroid Sepia. We love the vibe they give to our pictures.

We also have a Canon 5D combined with a 24-70mm f2,8 L and a 200mm f2,8 L, and a small Canon video camera tapped with camo gaffer. Always in our bag or pocket, a small Olympus 105 point and shoot loaded with TriX.
Before, we used Pocket Lightmeter app but switched to a Sekonic L-308, which is a bit more accurate.
The iPad is a precious tool Hannah uses to sketch ideas, concepts or browse the net on the go.

We use several bags, from a very light black Northface to a heavy Vanguard kenline 58 for travels, or a Pelicase 1610.

If you like our bag, you can follow us on,, and find our work on

Cheerz from Paris!

Thanks guys for sharing your wonderful partnership and your lovely thoughts on photography. This is an outstanding setup and a really brilliant idea.
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