In your bag number 221, Mario Acevedo
Todays bag comes from Tokyo, although the owner is from the USA. This bag is totally loaded with gear, although I suspect this is a collection more than a bag shot…

Hello, My name is Mario, I’m 21 years old and currently live in Tokyo, Japan. I’m was born and raised in Arizona, USA. I started doing photography about two years ago when I was in South Korea with a friend who loved doing light painting and using fish eye lens. That lead to me getting my first DSLR a Canon T2i (550D) at first started doing light painting and slowly moved to macro photography. About six months later I got another DSLR a Canon 5d MKII and sold my T2i (550D). I wasn’t till I got to Japan that I found my calling in, I fell in love with street photography. I was only shooting digital in a vacation trip back home. I friend lent me his old film rangefinder and again I fell in love with it and the moment I got back purchased one of my own. Doing that started my collection.

Item List:
· Retrospective 5, its one of three and my most used/favorite bag
· Fuji Xpro-1 w/ Canon 35mm f2 (FD Mount)
· Fuji X100
· Fuji STX2 w/Fujinon 50mm f1.9 (X Mount)
· Canon AE-1 w/ Canon 55mm f1.2 (FD Mount)
· Canon 7 w/ Canon 50mm f1.4 (LSM Mount)
· Yashica GSN ( The rangefinder that started the collection)
· Yashica GT (he will be leaving me soon, he is turning into a gift for a close friend)
· Fujinon 35mm f1.4 (XF Mount)
· Canon 15mm Fisheye f2.8 (EF Mount)
· Canon 100mm Marco f2.8 (EF Mount)
· Canon 28mm f3.5 (FD Mount)
· Canon 580exii
· Spare Batteries and Spare memory cards
· Zune for music on the go
Not in Picture
· Canon 5d MKII w/ 50mm f1.2L (EF Mount)
· Fuji Instax Mini 7s (lent out to a friend)
· Film- Been trying to find the one that I can’t live without so I been going through all kinds of different film

I do try my best to shoot all the cameras I have because I don’t like the idea or fact of any of them collecting dust. I usually pick a pair and that’s what I use for the week and the another pair next week. Having the Retrospective 5 helps my fight the urge of bring to much as I can usually only fit two in the bag comfortably. I love shooting each and every one of my camera as each one is its own character. I already have a running wish list of cameras that I can’t get my eyes off. I know its sounds like am suffering from GAS but I say no it’s a collection that I use.


Thanks for sharing your bag with us Mario. Nice to see another Tokyo face on the site. And nice to see such an interesting collection of cameras.
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