In your bag number 210, A.R. Hasni
Another bag for you from Malaysia today. There seems to be a lot of these lately. And this bag has a fantastic old Mamiya in it, not bad for a 16 year old. Let’s have a look…

My name is A.r. Hasni and I am a soon to be 16 years old in a few months and I hail from Malaysia. I have been into Photography since the first time I played around with my mums 35mm point and shoot. i mainly shoot digital because of the assignments and the jobs I receive as I am a freelance event photographer but I shoot film as my passion. I usually carry around a pentax k1000 with a 135mm prime but decided to go medium format recently. I love shooting street and landscapes in mainly black and white and occasionally colour, but I have been shooting slides recently. and my favourite film to go with the Mamiya rb is the neopan 400, ilford delta 400 and most of all, velvia 100. My recent setup is:
-A very rugged timberland bag i got when i was in the 7th grade with cushiony pads stuffed in it
-Mamiya RB67 with 90mm 3.8 loaded with Ilford delta 400
-a couple rolls of velvia
-Canon 30Dwith 50mm 1.8 II
-Moleskin notebook lookalike because spending too much on a notebook is crazy. i like drawing. and jotting down quotes i see
-Cellphone with a lightmeter app to use if im lazy to meter with my eye
-headphones because i like to set myself in a certain mood when shooting by listening to good music.
-a good book if im having a cup of coffee somewhere before i shoot.

Twitter: @Adamsukapokemon

going to get myself a leica M3 after i graduate and im working my way everyday to earn it!

Thanks for sharing your awesome bag and your dreams for a Leica M3. I hope that your dream comes true, the M3 is an amazing camera. Good to see someone so young that is so passionate about film.
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