In your bag number 194, Enrico Gutierrez
We have a beautiful bag shot today. It looks like a professional studio shot and I love it. The backgroud, the bag, it is brilliant. Come and see what a bag from the Philippines looks like.

Hi, my name Enrico Gutierrez an amateur photographer based in Manila, Philippines. I come from an advertising and design background now attempting to freelance into photography. I am in the process of building a body of work on fashion, travel and food photography. I am a street photographer enthusiast as well, mostly documenting everyday moments. I’m not a photo journalist, so I don’t shoot with a project in mind but I do have some themes that I try when shooting street. I look up to the styles of Robert Doisneau and Saul Leiter both street photographers with a fashion photography background.

My everyday bag is a discontinued Crumpler sling (or shoulder) bag that my wife got for me in exchange for a case of beer(Crumpler had a promotional beer for bags event). It’s not really a camera bag. I modified it a bit by cutting a small foam to act as a cushion at the bottom of the bag. I’m not really happy with the designs of the camera bags because of the weight and after walking in the streets shooting all day – any bag just seem to add weight no matter how small or light. But this bag I like, it’s discreet perfect for street photography and traveling. Very hard to be creative when I carry a lot of gear.

My camera… I am a minimalist shooter and I prefer shooting with just one fast lens. Shooting with one focal length has helped me pre visualize a scene or a moment before I click the shutter. My street gear at the moment is a Olympus Ep2, with the VF2 viewfinder and the Lumix 20mm F1.7 lens. But for commercial work I shoot with a Nikon d90 DSLR shooting with all prime lenses like the 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm. I like to invest in lenses rather than camera bodies.

The rest of the junk…my Rayban, the same one that Bruce Willis wore in Hudson Hawk, a small notebook to doodle ideas, wallet, iphone 3gs and a stainless steel green face Fossil watch.

For my adventures and misadventures…
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Portfolio in the works:

Thanks for sharing you bag with us Rico, I like your minimalist approach.
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