In your bag number 191, Scott Wyden Kivowitz
Todays bag is a bit more formal than yesterdays, but it is still a very minimal bag. Simple and clean it is a working bag. Come and see what Scott keeps in his bag…

My name is Scott Wyden Kivowitz, a New Jersey Photographer focused on capturing stunning landscapes, beautiful portraits and sharing my passion for photography. I have been a Nikon shooter for all my life, but recently I was faced with the opportunity to sell one of my D700 bodies to bring Leica into my life. I still use the Nikon gear for shooting jobs that need more speed. However, all landscape work I do is not using the Leica system. What you see is my Leica bag setup.
Leica M9 body because of it’s simplicity and manual control
Zeiss 25mm f/2 lens because of it’s simplicity and wide view
The CustomSLR strap is too large for the M9 body, but extremely comfortable
LumoPro LP160 Quad-sync flash is also too large for the M9 body (in fact, it’s bigger) but it’ has more than enough power and speed to work perfectly with the camera.
The Think Tank photo Restrospective bag is rugged and simple, like the camera body. The quality is incredible. Can’t go wrong with Think Tank bags.
Extra memory cards are kept in a Think Tank Photo Pixel Pocket and can be clipped to a variety of locations.
I keep a Lens Pen with me for the occasions when a small cleaning is needed.
The bubble level is used when shooting landscapes so I can be sure that my lines are straight.
Sekonic makes the most incredible light meters. This one also has the ability to fire my PocketWizards for metering in the studio.
The Lee Filters pounch holds my Foundation Kit, neutral density filters and adapters.
I use a Manfrotto carbon fiber tripod with the Really Right Stuff head. Using the RRS head means that I also use a Really Right Stuff L-bracket on the M9 body.
The iPad is a tool that comes with my 80% of the time. It gets used for reading when traveling by train or bus, serves as a photo backup device using the SD reader and also as a great way to preview photographs captured from the day.

So that’s my Leica bag. Fun, small and yet still packs a punch. If you have questions, please comment below or shoot me an email through my website.
Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us Scott. I like the simplicity and practicality of this bag, there is no messing about.
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