In your bag number 189, Barry Ellery
Right, I am off to Hong Kong, but before I go I have another lovely bag for you…and this one is meticulously labelled and laid out. Come and see Barry’s bag.

Konnichiwa JapanCamera Hunter my name is Barry Ellery; I’m from Columbus, Indiana but I live and work in Japan. I’m a amateur photographer still trying to master the art of photography and like many instead of learning one camera system completely I’m quickly buying another one.
I mostly shoot with digital cameras but I want to go back to shooting film for a while. Although carrying all this equipment around with me daily is heavy I enjoy it because whenever I find someone looking at buying a new camera I let them fiddle around with my equipment and since most of my cameras are Nikon’s I do love shooting with a Cannon if I can get my hands on one.
I go to work pretty early in the morning just so I can have the afternoons to explore and go shooting, and during the weekends I’m off somewhere on a train to explore what Japan has to offer.
I really enjoy street photography and you will find me hanging around Shiybuya train station. I usually carry my bag with me at all times or it’s close by somewhere.
My job allows me to travel around Asia so like a tourist I find myself just snapping photos quickly and my Flickr account is full of photos of the places I been. Lately as I find myself looking though the thousands of photos I have loaded I can clearly see I didn’t have a clear understanding of what a good photograph should depict. This is why I’m going back to film so I think before I press that button.

Inside my bag you will find:

#1, Yashica TR 7000 Aka 107 MP (Film Camera) 50mm 1.9 Lens

#2. Nikon D90 with MB-D80 battery pack

#3. Nikon D7000 with MB-D11 battery pack

#4. Nikon D3100 (Limited Edition hence the red color)

#5. Tamron AF 7-200 Marco F/2.8

#6. Tamron SP 1-50mm F/2.8

#7. Nikkor AF 18-55 F/5.6

#8. Nikkor AF 50mm 1.8

#9 Cannon Powershot ELPH 300HS (for those night club shots or self portraits )

#10. Nikon SB600 Speedlight Flash

#11. Yashica CS-140 Flash

#12. Extra Flim

#13. Laser Pointer (For Night Lighting)

#14 Pen Light to see what i’m doing at night

#15. LED light (For Night Lighting)

#16. Small tri pod

#17 Pen

#18. CMOS DXG Handycam (I don’t know why)

#19. Milo battery chargers for my iPhone

#20. Nikon Remote Control

#21. Cowboy Studio Remote Flash receivers

#22. Wireless device for my iPad and iPod Touch

#23. Nikon Coolpix S8200

#24. Extra battery for my D3100

#25. Extra batter for my D7000

#26 Nikon MC-DC2 Remote Release Cord

#27. Nikon GP-1 GPS receiver module

#28. I Shoot Raw lenese cleaner

#29. iPod Touch

#30. SD adapter for Ipad

#31. IPAD

#32. Lowepro camera bag

My Flickr[email protected]/sets/

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Barry, this is a whopper of a bag. Good to hear that you are going to give film a go, the best of luck.
Check out Barry’s Flickr and make sure you comment too.

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