In your bag number 165, Joona Sipi
Hey all, sorry for the delay on todays bag, I was a little bit tied up with the camera fair (more about that later). I have a lovely bag for you today though, coming to you from Finland. Check it out…

my name is Joona Sipi.

I’m a university student living in Joensuu, Finland. I take photos to our student union paper and I do occasional event photography. For my “work” I use digital, but when I’m shooting for my own pleasure I use film. For me, shooting film is a process, it’s a craft. It forces me to stop and think. I like to shoot street and reportage and I feel Olympus OM system works great for my needs. Shooting a manual focus, manual winding camera with a fixed focal lenght lens feeds my creativity. I respect people who can compose a fleeing moment by instinct and I marvel those who know their medium thoroughly.

To the point. Here’s my bag and it’s contents.

– Chinese copy of Domke F-803. The bag is starting to fall apart and I’m thinking of getting real Domke next. Nylon, not canvas.

– The black camera on top of the bag is my father’s old OM-2n. Now mine. It has a 24mm F2 Zuiko with a Konica lens hood on. Right now there’s T-Max p3200 inside.

– Chrome OM-2n has Cameraleather leatherette and Phat Strap’s strap on. It’s easier to shoot Finnish people on the street when your camera looks a bit silly. Lens is a 35mm F2 Zuiko. Camera is loaded with Rollei Retro 100 (Agfa APX).

– 50mm F1.8. I have 50mm F1.4 too, but I’m selling it, as I don’t use 50mm that much. Plus, my F1.8 is multicoated, F1.4 isn’t .

– Space for short telephoto Zuiko. I hope I a find desent priced copy of 85mm F2 or 90mm F2 some day.

– Two rolls of film, Portra 800 and T-Max 400. I shoot mostly Kodak.

– Olympus Mju:II loaded with Portra. It’s usually in my jacket pocket, not in my bag.

– Some filters.

– Body- and lenscaps, lenspen (Chinese copy!), flashlight, 20 euro cents, zipties, lighter, safetypin, wallet, first aid kit and pieces of paper I had already forgotten.

On these pieces of paper I wrote my phone number and email and asked if a person would like to present his car in a news paper. I was making a reportage of funny cars university students use. I walked around parking lot and stuck the pieces of paper on windshields.

Here’s my Flickr stream:

Best regards,

Joona Sipi

Thanks Joona, a lovely bag, a lovely shot and a lovely description. The shot is so very stylish. Check out Joona’s flickr page and make sure you come and comment.

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