In your bag number 147, Anthony Fan
A lovely bag for you today from Hong Kong. Come and see what Anthony uses to shoot the streets of this energetic and exciting city.

Hi all! My name is Anthony Fan and I am keen amateur photographer based in Hong Kong.

My photographic tastes are constantly varying, but for the past year and a half I have been concentrating on street photography and candids.

My current set up is shown in the photography below:

(1.) Nikon D800 w/ AFS 85mm f1.4 – Nikon has always been my first love and I’ve been collecting Nikon cameras and lenses since the 90s. The release of the D800 has spurred me to start using my Nikkor lenses more often, reminds me alot of the F100 my first camera. I usually carry around a AFS 85mm f1.4 or AIS 50mm f1.2. However, based on what I am shooting I may replace these with a AFS 24mm f1.4, AFS 35mm f1.4 or AF 135 f2 (not pictured). I prefer primes to zooms partly because of the speed (larger aperture) and weight

(2.) Leica M9 w/ 50mm ASPH Summilux (together with 1.4x magnifer and thumbs up thumb rest) – this a dream to shoot with and the 50mm summilux is easily my favorite lens of all time. If I want to go wider or longer I switch to the 35mm ASPH Summilux or the 90mm Summicron (not pictured).

(3.) Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Alpha SE and Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera “Time-Zero” Autofocus Model 2 (the former for manual focus and the latter for autofocus) – impossible project films are re-igniting my love of instant photography and the SX-70 is such an amazing camera. You need to really work to get your images and whilst the success rate is lower than with digital the final reward is spectacular.

(4.) Film – I currently experimenting with the impossible line of films and am particularly impressed with the PX 100 Silver Shade.

(5.) Ancillaries – blower brush, spare batteries, spare memory cards (thinktank photo memory card holder), Polaroid album and Ipad 3.

(6.) Bag – Thinktank Retrospective 10 and original polaroid everready case.

I also include some close up of the cameras – M9 and D800 picture taken with an SX-70 Alpha and a picture of the SX70s taken with the D800.

My images can be seen at my flickr account – If any of you are ever up for some phototaking in Hong Kong please get in touch.



Thanks for sharing your bag Anthony. Great to see such a varied range of gear and all of it being used too. Check out the link and make sure you comment on the bag.

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