In your bag number 142, Alessandro Reginato
After yesterdays awesome shot I thought it might be difficult to come up with something that is comparable, but I have found this one. And it is fantastic. Check out this well thought out bag.

Hi! I’m Alessandro and i am an Italian 24 years old architecture student (still for a few months).
I became interested in photography and cameras after i undusted my father’s Olympus OM1, 2 years ago.
After a while i purchased a Canon EOS450D to move my first steps in the digital photography world. Thanks to web research and some yt channels like “The Mijonju Show” I soon realized that there are tons of other formats to shoot with, so i picked up a Holga from HK and started to experiment with some medium format film; it’s amazing the level of detail you can get from a 6×6 negative! In the last years i’ve been affected by a rare form of GAS and bought a lot of cameras i didn’t really need, but i’m slowly recovering..
Coming to my bag, it is a Freitag, made in Zurich from recycled materials, waterproof and resistant. I bought it in Basel, had it for 5 years and still holds on well. Going on:

– Moleskine: always useful, i use for my university sketches and to write things i have to remember.
– iPod: can’t live without music on the train to the university in Venice.
– iPhone 3GS: old but still going. Favourite app: hipstamatic.
– Holga: for the times i want to shoot MF. I painted it white to customize it, i wasn’t a fan of total black look and lomography charges too much for a color model.
– Contax G1+TLA200: my latest camera, had it from a really kind flickr user. I heard great things about the Planar 45/2 and i can’t wait to test it with
– Fujicolor Reala 100 / Agfa APX100: both came with the camera, both expired but i’m storing them in the fridge.
– Lomography 400: i got a lot of these for free, and i use them to test cameras or to shoot with a compact Yashica T AF, not in the picture.

When i have time to shoot i upload on flickr, just the things i think are worth it.
More random shots are uploaded to tumblr
I also have a twitter account

Hope you enjoyed!

Brilliant. Thanks for sharing this bag with us Alessandro and thanks for sharing your story of your conversion to film. I love the colour in this bag shot. Check out Alessandro’s links and follow him on twitter. Don’t forget to comment for that Camera Karma.

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Cheers Japancamerahunter