In your bag number 119, Riccardo Parenti
Todays bag is another bag from Japan, but the owner is not Japanese, he is an Italian. It is a very cool bag with a lovely selection of cameras. So lets see what Riccardo keeps in his bag…

Hello there!
I’m Riccardo,
i’m Italian but i live in Tokyo. I’m a graphic designer employed in the Japanese fashion advertising industry.
I’m also a photographer and for working project i need to use digital but i absolutely love shooting films. I follow this blog from a while but finally i decided to take a bag shoot too. I primarily doing industrial landscape shoots but i also love to take street portraits and small reportages. I strongly believe films and digital can coexist in a beautiful world where films do not cost so much as they actually are.
This is my gear.
– Bag is a Uniqlo messenger bag, i use lowepro backpacks for my digital gear but i prefer something more modest in street shootings time, and also i need to be comfortable picking films (especially when i shoot in 6×7 where a film roll is 10 shoots…),so messenger bag is perfect. I put inside a series of padding taken in Bic camera store for 1000 yen.

– Nikon F3 + nikkor 50mmf 1.4 is my primary street camera, fast and not so heavy, as ’80 professional gear i believe is one of the best creations from Nikon’s factory.
– Nikon fe is my second body, i started shooting films with it, was my dad’s camera.
– Nikkor 24mm f2.8 it’s an excellent choose for night street photography.

When i bring with me medium fomat camera i use to drop home the 35mm format.

– Mamiya 7 is actually my joy and my delight. rangefinder world is something totally new for me ’cause i ever used reflex cameras.
– Mamiya N 65mm f4 i wandered to buy a 50mm but i opted on the 65 fo price reason, and i’m really satisfied.
– Mamiya N 80mm f 4 is the “must to have” with the rangefinder medium format.

Kodak potra 160 and 400 is what i love to use for portraits and Kodak Ektar 100 has the right saturation “reversal style ” on negative film, i love it. I often shooting in Velvia for long exp.
My contacts:

Thanks for sharing your bag Riccardo, this is brilliant. Hope to see you on the streets of Tokyo sometime, you have some amazing kit. Come and leave some comments and check out this great bag.

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