In your bag number 14, Irwin from Australia

Well well, we have a special bag today. Apart from it being the bag of a good mate, it is a professional jobbing photographers bag, so it is interesting to see what a working photographer is using.

Irwin is an Aussie who is working as a photographer in Japan, he does a lot of magazine and portrait work, so he needs to carry a lot of stuff. Check out his bags.

In the Bag:
That’s a picture of what generally goes into the bag for every shoot. For a wedding or larger shoot I’ll also throw in my 13″ Macbook Pro but otherwise this is pretty much it. Going from top left we have 2 sync cables, one SC-17 and a more expensive SC-28, which allows you to shoot TTL with the newer flashes. Since I shoot manual it doesn’t really make a huge difference but SC-17s are in short supply here. The big white square to the right is the Lumiquest softbox III, which slides neatly into the back of my bag and is pretty much universally loved by strobists for its awesome quality of light and portability. Next is the 50mm f/1.2 and the 24-70mm f/2.8, which are my wide to medium range lenses. I do particularly enjoy using the 50mm f/1.2 for portraits and even in the natural light it’s a fantastic lens.

In the second row we have the Pocket Wizard-to-camera cable that allows me to trigger the camera using PWs from a distance. I love this thing and use it all the time for long exposures, interesting perspectives and portrait shoots where it helps me to get out from behind the camera. Next to that is my mongrel collection of Nikon speedlights – 1 SB-900, 1 SB-80DX and 1 SB-26. I’d have more except people keep riding bicycles into my lightstands even though they have been placed to the side of a 10 metre wide thoroughfare. Out of all of them I’d say the SB-80DX is my favorite as it is basically an SB-800 without TTL, and about $300 cheaper. They are super hard to find in Japan but if I see one I buy it immediately. The fact that I only have one unit is due to peoplenot watching where they ride their bicycles.

Next is my D700 w/battery grip, a camera which hardly needs an introduction considering how long it’s been around (come on Nikon, how about some new bodies?). To the right of that is my 135mm f/2 DC, which I LOVE, and my 70-200mm f/2.8 VR, which is heavy but works wonders at events such as weddings.

Below all of that are my 3 Pocket Wizard II transceivers, next to that is a pouch containing a Lumiquest 80-20 for run-and-gun event stuff where setting up stationary lights is unfeasible, and a spare battery. All of this stuff fits neatly into my ThinkTank and feels pretty light, although at the end of the day it feels like lead.

In the Rollerbag:
So, this is a shot of what goes in this roller bag. If it’s a smaller job I’ll take out some lightstands but this is generally it. Starting from the top, there is a small Manfrotto lightstand that usually gets left home. Below and to the left is a Manfrotto super arm with a Manfrotto super clamp attached to it – and I really love this thing. It’s beefy, versatile and makes it soooo easy to get flashes into innocuous places. Then there’s some ever-useful tape, and below that a Lastolite Triflash umbrella adaptor. It’s great for ganging up flashes when shooting in the middle of the day but I’ve found the screw that holds the umbrella in place has a tendency to fall out, which is unbelievably annoying.

Below is my Honl bag with Honl light modifiers and gels – one of the most useful bits of kit in the bag (more on this in a bit). The Orbis ring flash also gets thrown in the kit if there is a high chance of being able to shoot under shade. It’s a bit clunky but I can’t deny its usefulness for a whole bunch of applications, so it often gets a run.

Of my main light stands there is the boom, and two regular ones. I like slightly bottom-heavy ones as opposed to lighter stands these days as it helps your softboxes or umbrellas stand up in a slight breeze. Next to that to the right are my main light modifiers – a Westcott 48-inch umbrella with removable black cover and a Westcott 24-inch softbox. I tend to go for these immediately for most of my shoots – the umbrella is great as a main light but also large enough to act as a fill light if necessary and the softbox gives a good quality of directional light. It is, however, quite flimsy.

As you can see, Irwin carried a lot of stuff, and I can attest to how heavy it is, as I have assisted on a shoot with him. I cannot believe he carried this stuff around all day.
But, he gets results, which you can see on his site:
He also released a video
Sometimes he tweets too

Thanks Irwin to Irwin for sending this in, a great view into the world of a professional photographer.

Keep them coming folks, get your bag on Send me a hi resolution image of the bag (please make sure it is horizontal) and its contents, with some details about yourself and what you shoot. Oh and don’t forget your contact details (twitter, flickr, tumbler et al).