Get Featured: Zach Chudley
Zach shares with us his layered approach to London, in particular Hackney. For me it is very interesting as I lived nearby Hackney in the early 2000’s, and it has certainly changed.

Hello readers,

My name is Zach Chudley and I am a photographer from London. I think the ‘Get Featured’ addition to Bellamy’s blog is a great platform for photographers to share their work with a wide and varied audience, and I would love to see more of you guys taking part.


These nine photographs are pulled from a long term project I am working on in my home borough of Hackney, London. This borough has seen an incredible change over the years and has gone from one of the most dangerous areas in London, to the trendiest, and most gentrified. Upper Clapton Road was coined Murder Mile in the early 2000’s, It is now surrounded by farmers markets, record stores and coffee shops. Hackney is incredibly diverse with many cultures, religions and nationalities proud to have the E8/E9/E5 postcode.



I have called Hackney home since 2007, and the change I am witnessing I feel has significant importance. This project so far has been so enjoyable to shoot,  I am not sure what the end product will be, or how many years it will take, but I hope to put a book together with the work, even if just for myself.



All work is shot with a Leica M6, 35mm F2 Summicron.





Thanks for sharing your work with us Zach. That is fascinating to see how different things are there. I remember when there was a palpable feeling of danger there.

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