Get Featured: Vihn Tran
Vihn has a really interesting project about women for us all to enjoy. Come and check it out.

I have quite enjoyed the featured photographers (the interviews) and the submitted entries.
Thought I would share this set of photographs that surprise myself when looking back into my 3 years backlog. I don’t consider myself interested in photographing women (especially pretty ones). I rather look for emotions, light and composition in my photographs. However strangely the more I shoot, the more I found a running theme of women appearing in my photographs. Somehow I feel they all have a connection regardless of where in the world they are. We humans share a lot more in common in spite of culture/geography. I hope to extend this set in my future.



Number 1 and 8 are made in my recent trip in Hanoi Vietnam, my hometown.
Number 2 and 6 are made in my current residence country of UK.
And the rest were made in Vancouver Canada.



A little about my journey to photography, I started with an Epson Rd1s (actually one of the attached shots is shot on it) 3 years ago. I wanted to dip myself in the rangefinder water and quickly enough i find myself switch entirely to film (M6). It has been an educational tool as well as exploring tool for myself to go in BW shooting and developing. Most of the shots use Arista Premium 400 + D76 with a 35mm lens or 21 mm lens. I mainly use 35mm for the majority of my shooting but enjoy challenge myself with 21mm from time to time. For me, shooting is like writing poems. I do it leisurely and knew how tough it is to make a living off photography so i try to keep it as an creative outlet besides my main job. I try to constantly improving myself by reading more books, being a harder critics of myself and better editing/sequencing my photos.



Link to my other work is here: (unsorted hopefully i could get time to setup a more official site):[email protected]/



Thanks for sharing your work with us Vihn. Very nice to hear how your work has developed.

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