Get Featured: Tim Heubeck
Tim shares with us his latest work in black and white film, “Memories from Another World,” a project chronicling familiar feelings in new environs. Check it out.

My name is Tim Heubeck and I run a site called wasteoffilm, I have also been on your blog several, but long times ago.

Here are a few words about why I photograph:

My ultimate purpose in photography is to show the world how it looks through my eyes while capturing a timeless feel of the world. It is less about how things we are familiar look like, than moreover with what lays beyond the surface. Experiences, memories and encounters forming our life and consequently who we are.

Working on long-term project and focusing on black and white film photography has enabled me to to bring back the physicality of art and revealing the only true way of showing a photograph: through print.

Last year I have shot and this year I have published the images I shot during a trip to Japan (going this year in September again luckily).

Here is the project statement, attached you will find a selection of images:

For me there has always been the search for the “ideal“ place. A place where everything suddenly starts to make sense. There has never really been a moment where I thought that I had found this place. At least until traveling to Japan. It all seemed so strangely familiar, even though I had never been there before. It felt as if already knew the place deep down in my mind.

My fourth publication “memories from another world“ is my approach to capturing this intangible feeling of having found your “ideal“ place. Ultimately it is a document of the memories I associate with it. While the story is mainly told through imagery, it is also emphasized by short texts. The book is the third one from the series “a box beneath my bed“. A series about dreams, reality and the supernatural.

If you happen to be interested you can find more images here:

Best Regards

Tim Heubeck

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