Get Featured: Ka Wing Falkena
Todays project is all shot on well pushed Tri-X and on the streets of Amsterdam. Check it out.

The last few years I’ve done a couple of projects, but the biggest project of them all (which will probably never be finished) is documenting the streets of Amsterdam. To be specific, four (shopping) streets in the centre of Amsterdam. I started this project, because I was interested to see what kind of people would be walking these streets everyday. First I was afraid that it would be mostly tourists, but I’ve noticed that there is a very nice mix between people from outside of Amsterdam and people who have been living there their whole lives. 

I’m a Dutch photographer from Amsterdam. The photos I shoot on the street are mostly shot with my beat-up Leica M4-2, which is sadly broken at the moment. Almost all the photos are taken with Kodak 400 Tri-X film, pushed to iso 1600. For every project I want to create a consistent look, and I really like the look of pushing that film two stops.

Please check out more of my photos on my Instagram (kawingf) or my website: I hope you like the photos and thank you for all those years of having a great website! 

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Ka Wing Falkena Photography




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