Get Featured: John Kayacan
John may be young, but like his subject matter his is focussed and driven. And this is not his first feature either (click here to see his other one). This time he has put together a project about the hard work that goes into boxing training. Check it out.

My name is John Kayacan I am 18 years old and I’ve been shooting for about 3 &1/2 years now. My love for photography began when I first started shooting photos of people in candid moments, a medium known as street photography.
Being able to document things with a camera has always been the way I see the world.

However, none of my work was ever based off of a certain subject. So, this year I began a photo series that documents the life and practice of boxers. These fighters train for countless hours a day and dedicate their whole lives to the sport. Fighters must throw intense punches during a fight to knockout their opponent.
This project is meant to highlight the hard work and determination that is put into each fight. Shooting these fighters was a very different experience for me as a photographer because I was out of a street-like environment. However it gave me the power to control different aspects of lighting and focus.

This project was heavily inspired by the works of photographers such as Estevan Oriol, and Boogie. My goal is to tell stories through my images that spark an emotion to my viewer.

I would like to thank City Of Angels and TenGoose Boxing gym, and a special thanks to Ricky and Juan Funez for helping me complete this project. To see some more of my work, visit my site:

Thanks for sharing your work with us, John. You got yourself great access there. I think there could be a long term project in this one, perhaps following the career ups and downs of a particular boxer or even trainer.

Come on, share with us what you have and get yourself featured.

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