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The name might seem familiar to some regular readers of JCH, and so it should. Jerome is the young, and very talented cousin of Jesse Freeman, the man behind the book reviews. I have wanted Jerome’s work on here for some time. Well finally I have it. Check it out.

I’m Jerome Freeman, a photography student living outside of Baltimore city who shoots black and white film. Recently I finished shooting and working in the darkroom so I’ve decided to share photos taken for different assignments over the last semester.


Middle east baltimore_0020

I use to shoot around the more commercial parts of the city like downtown. Hasn’t been until recently that I’ve began to venture into the neighborhoods of Baltimore, shooting it’s people and landscape. For my assignments I focused on two areas in the city making multiple visits, Middle East and South West. Baltimore gets a bad reputation for it’s crime, although no one has yet to bother me. People have been surprisingly open to me taking their photo outside of their homes. Both areas have a good amount of abandoned row houses and people living right next door to them. Despite how desolate the landscape seems, life still thrives.

West Bmore_0008

West Bmore_0012

In Middle East Baltimore, across from where people live, a mural is painted on 36 dilapidated row homes that reads, “ FOREVER TOGETHER” and “I’M HERE BECAUSE ITS HOME.” Artist Steve Powers painted them as part of a project even though plans were made for the houses to be demolished. Once I heard about the project I decided to make multiple visits before it’s gone. The mural sums up why anyone would live in an area with so many abandonment’s. Because it’s home.



If interested in more of my work you can find me here:


Thanks for sharing your work with us, Jerome. This is an interesting view of a neighborhood that is is being dismantled through neglect. I wonder how long before the hipsters move in and declare it ‘edgy’?

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