Get featured on JCH
Earlier today, whilst the site was down (time to find a new hosting company methinks), I asked people on Facebook what they would like to see more of on JCH. And the overwhelming consensus was more photographers work/projects.

And I am inclined to agree. The bags are great and the film stashes and other articles I love doing. But I would love to see more peoples work on the site too. Not just interviews, but showcases of peoples work.


And this, dear readers, is where you come in. Would you like to have your work featured on JCH? Do you think you have something that the readers of this site would be interested in? Then why not share it with us?
I am looking for mainly projects in this respect, not just a couple of your favourite images. I don’t mind if it is film or digital, although film would certainly get you a few brownie points.


Obviously I am going to be selective and I cannot possibly feature every single submission. I already have a backlog of bagshots and zines and don’t need another one thanks very much. Basically I am looking for pieces that have a clear message, are moving/challenging/humourous and can give the readers of JCH something that I think they will enjoy. All genres are welcome.

So come on, share with us what you have and get yourself featured.
Click on this link and send in your project/work: Get Featured.
Oh, and click here to see a few of the photographers that have been on the site before