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Duran shares with us an interesting project covering an outsiders view of China. Come and check it out.

My name is Duran Levinson. I am a 26 year old Cinematographer from Cape Town, South Africa. I have been following your website for a few years and I really love to keep checking for new information and ideas I can use towards my own work. I mainly work in the film industry in Cape Town but have started shooting film photography again this year.

I am submitting the following photo project I completed this year to you : “Transitions in Bloom” a film photography project, shot over 1 month in China while backpacking through the country.
The following write up is a short break down of the project.


The project, shot entirely on film, moves from Shanghai’s bizarre marriage market, into the streets and chaos of Hong Kong, through China’s gem Yangshuo and into the grittiness of Beijing’s night culture. “These photographs are an attempt to capture some of the feelings I felt and experiences I had while travelling this amazing country,” says Duran.

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His experience of the Chinese people was as generous and humble. “It really shocked me to discover how friendly and far they are willing to go to help a Westerner for nothing in return. The concepts of Taoism and Guanxi really influenced me to dig deeper into the Chinese culture and to pay attention to what’s really happening in modern day China,” Duran explains. “For a South African, it’s crazy to go to a country where you never feel in danger – even when missioning through ‘dodgy looking’ areas alone in the early hours of the morning.”

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When Duran was a young cinematographer, he was trained to shoot on film – before digital cameras began to exceed the dynamic range of film cameras. “Shooting film is challenging and requires more pre-visualisation and understanding of light. Allowing yourself only one exposure of film to capture a moment before moving on is when you start pushing yourself and as a result, developing your creativity.”

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Specifically, the project was shot on Fujifilm 400 ISO and Ilford Delta 400 and 3200 ISO film. “I decided to shoot mainly on black and white, as I wanted to capture some of the grittiness and realness of Chinese street culture,” Duran tells us. “Shooting 3200 ISO film was a new experience for me and I really enjoyed being by myself on my skateboard in the middle of China, looking for things that interested me. I’m also a geek for a beautiful grain structure. In the end, there’s nothing more rewarding than getting your photos back from the lab and seeing the result of your work weeks after taking them.”

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Thanks for sharing your work with us Duran. It is very interesting to see inside the daily goings on of China, rather than the same old images of Shanghai.

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