Get Featured: Alva Christo
Alva has shared a few bag shots with us in the past, and now he shares with us some of his work. Alva has been shooting the daily goings on south of the border, in a town that has gained some notoriety. Check it out.

I’m Alva Christo Y. W., 20 years old from Indonesia, but currently studying in Ringling College, Sarasota, FL.

Here is one of my series, Tijuana, I went there last winter break for 2 weeks. My aim is to capture Tijuana’s daily life as close as possible. 

Tijuana is a lovely part of Mexico, located side-by-side with San Diego, USA. Life there is a combination of the American Dreams and poverty, but also have rich Baja-Californian culture. People are relatively nice, downtown is my favorite part, just because there are so much going on there.

I’m using Hasselblad 500CM and Pentax Spotmatic as my main gear to do this project. I’ve been interested to film photography and street photography for at least the last 5 years, and have been fell in love with the results ever since. Grain, depth, contrast, characters, all of them are the main factors that make me choose analog more than digital. Also analog slows me down, I have more interaction to the subject as well.

I realized I’m an outsider, I couldn’t capture the real feel of Tijuana, but I believe at least my picture can become a peek to the lovely city of Tijuana.

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Instagram : @alvchrist

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