Get Featured: @bananaaapeels
@bananaaapeels has not only an interesting nome de guerre, but a really cool project. Which, judging by the latest announcement from FujiFilm, will not be going on all that much longer. So if you are in the NYC subway and you see one of these on the wall, grab it!

Hi Bellamy – 

My name is @bananaaapeels. 

I live, work and play in the birthplace of all that is holy, the New York City subway. I photograph those passing by. 

I have three basic rules:

1) Only shoot FP3000B film on a Mamiya Universal.

2) Only shoot in the NYC subway trains and stations.

3) Once shot, post all prints to the walls of the train or station.

The content of the photos can be important depending upon what the subway offers. Sure, I could go all ‘in your face’ (a la Bruce Gilden). But the size of my negatives (and positives) makes it much more difficult to be fast. This is slow street. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find serendipity.

There’s an honesty to the positive. There’s no option to increase the brightness, contrast or shadows in post-production. The prints were formed by a lens, shutter and light, nothing else. What you are seeing now is just a digital mitigation.

FP3000B has been discontinued. Like all good things in the world, there’s a finite supply that is dwindling. And its 3000 iso sensitivity is perfect for the low light of the subway. After its gone, there will be no other film above 800 iso (Delta 3200 is really around 800 iso).

Why post them on the subway or in the station? Mother Subway has given me much. I’m happy to give back. Passengers can take them. Passengers can ignore them. Cops can collect them for a day of legal reckoning someday in the future. None of that matters. As long as FP3000B is in the freezer, the prints will go up.

To view my work, look on Instagram – @bananaaapeels. Or, if I am lucky, a print will find you on the wall of the subway.

Thanks for sharing your project with us, @bananaapeels. A really cool project, I hope you are able to secure more supplies of this special film, this is a worthy use for it to be sure.

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