Film News: We Wood Film!
We Wood Film! That is the slogan, and whilst you can probably make a number of jokes from the name, the idea itself is pretty cool. Compagnia-Imago is a photo lab in Italy, who have come up with a rather interesting idea. Wooden film canisters.

Compagnia-Imago have come up with an ingenious idea for film. And I think this is actually quite an important development. Their idea is simple, to make a re-useable film canister, that is not only high quality, but also good for the environment.

Film canisters have pretty much been of the same basic design and manufacture since their inception, metal and plastic, which means there are quite literally millions of them sitting in waste piles. So, what is there was a way to reduce this waste by making them bio-degradable?
This struck me recently as I was throwing away the plastic containers for film canisters. Japan is pretty good for re-cycling but there are some things they cannot recycle and a lot of the packaging for film is very hard to recycle. But if there was a way to lesson the impact, that would be a good thing, right?

Well these guys seem to have come up with a very good idea. Making the canisters out of wood, and natural polymers they are much more earth friendly. They also come with a screw cap, making it really easy to re-load film yourself, which saves money and the earth (and gives you a warm happy feeling inside).

At the moment the guys seem to be pretty small scale, but I think they have a really good idea and would love to see how it could be adopted into larger scale production.
I have heard moans in the past, mainly from the digital crowd, about how damaging film photography is on the environment (which is kind of laughable when you consider the rare-earth materials used in modern cameras), so this idea shows that we can reduce the impact and still use film.

I think there will need to be more development on this idea, for example labelling and DX-coding etc, but this is something that could be really good to see on the market.

The guys are quite small at the moment and are working on their first 1000 canisters. I believe they will be supplying them either empty or loaded with a range of black and white films.

You can learn more about them and sign up to their social media etc through their website:

Check them out and show your support.