Film News: New55 Film Kickstarter
This is good news. Another group of passionate individuals who are getting behind their love for their medium and are making something happen. I have no love for Kickstarter, but I feel like this is something that it is good for. Check it out and give them your support.

Bob Crowley and his team have been working tirelessly to bring a new 4×5 film option to photographers. This is a pretty ambitious task and requires a lot of dedication and funding. I really hope this one does well and achieves its goal of $400,000. Every little helps.

Some words from the New55 Crew:
The campaign is intended to fund the manufacture of the “First Edition” of New55 FILM, a new black and white instant 4×5 film that produces a both negative and a positive print. The financial goal at Kickstarter is $400,000 (US).

Use of the proceeds will include sourcing custom materials, purchasing the assembly machinery and engineering the new component stocks. Some of the components have been out of production for years. Fulfilment of the New55 FILM “First Edition” is unlikely to take less than 8 months from the completion of a successful funding.

This Kickstarter campaign and the eventual commercialisation of New55 FILM are the natural progressions from a successful product development effort initiated in 2010 by Robert J Crowley, principal of New55 Holdings, LLC, along with a group of local experts at his Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc., which sponsored the entire research effort. The project has benefited from the key sharing of public information, from the passion of photographers seeking out an inspiring material, and from the contribution of New55 FILM photographs from photographers around the world, including Zoe Wiseman, Nafis Azad of 20×24 Studio, Polly Chandler and Tobias Feltus.


“We don’t want to duplicate or match the old, discontinued Polaroid Type 55 material. New55 FILM is still a single sheet instant 4×5 positive and negative film, but it has its own desirable characteristics that are most useful for darkroom-less photography,” said Bob Crowley, the inventor of New55 FILM. “Our Kickstarter goal is intentionally ambitious: We need to test the worldwide market for this new photographic product, and make sure it can be sustained over the long-term. The passion is certainly there, and photographers now get to vote on it,” he said.

According to contributing photographer, Polly Chandler, “New55 FILM will be different and that’s exciting. My medium will survive and I get the challenge to learn a new film.”

“If your medium is wholly predictable, then there is no craft in what you do. New55 FILM has imperfections which add character to the craft of taking a photograph,” said early contributor and photographer, Tobias Feltus.

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign here. It already has over $30,000 in support, I really think this one can be done if we all get behind it. Just imagine, a new instant film for 4×5, I would definitely shoot that.

Check out their links:
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This is really good news and I wish them all the best.