Film News: Film Washi 35mm
A couple of years back, Washi Paper film was released and proved to be very popular. Since the release Perrotin has been bombarded with people asking for the film to be made in 35mm format. Perrotin listened and now FILM WASHI has released their Washi film in 35mm. Check it out.

Since the beginning of Film Washi, back in 2013, customers quickly asked for a 35mm version. Of course I would love to produce 135 films and made some test proving that film “W” could be exposed in 35mm camera with very interesting results.
As the negative is smaller than 4×5 or 120, the “fiber effect” of the film is much stronger giving a very dreamy atmosphere to the pictures. But I was not able to perforate the film properly and finding a proper perforator is a long quest, so perforation issue was the main obstacle for 135 production.

Last year, one of my partner (Adox) offer me the opportunity to buy an old industrial 35mm perforator. This 450 kg machine, built in the 60’s and previously in use in the now closed Hungarian Forte factory, was not in full working condition and they used to keep it for parts. So I had to rebuild the electric and motor system to adapt it for paper negative perforation because the work speed of this beast was way to high for the thin kozo base.

So after a washing machine motor transplantation and a bit of electronic work I am now able to produce perforated 35mm rolls. I am really happy that much more people can discover and use Film “W” in classic 35mm camera. Of course, because of its specificity this paper film would not work in all camera, like full auto camera for example, but everything is explained in the technical data sheet wrapped with all film and available online ( ).

Film “W” was already a special film to shoot in 120 and 4×5, quite tricky because of its straight orthochromatism and it is also the case in 35mm with a much stronger texture, but it is really unique and rewarding in its aesthetic.

This film will be available through all of my usual distributors, and also by direct order through, price will depends on country and distributors and would be around 15,00 Euros/roll.


This is great news, it is really cool to hear about how you adapted the perforation machine. And it is wonderful to hear about another 35mm film available on the market. I hope it is a great success.