Film News: Etkachrome is Back!
Back in 2012 things were not looking so good on the film front. Kodak was in a spot of bother and their wonderful slide films were axed, to much gnashing and wailing of teeth. But now in 2017 things have changed and there has been some very good news.

It has been an exciting few months in the film world and now it just gets better. As 2017 starts, Kodak has made a huge announcement, by bringing back Ektachrome 100 film in 35mm!
It looks like at first it is going to be available in 35mm, but who knows, if there is a strong enough reaction then maybe we can see it in 120. Let’s hope so. I do know an awful lot of people who love and miss this film, so I am certain they are going to be buying as much as they can get their hands on.
It seems that Kodak has been listening to us lot banging on and on about film not being dead. There has been a strong resurgence in analogue lifestyles including film photography and Kodak has been on the ball enough to notice this and take advantage of the coverage that their 8mm received.

There is no word as to if this film has been put back into full production or if this is old stock, but either way, it is fantastic to see it coming back onto the market. If you never got the chance to shoot this film then now you have a second chance. And I would really recommend it, as it is stunning.
You can see some examples of NASA using the film over at thephoblographer:

Huge kudos to Kodak for listening and for bringing such goodwill to the film photography community. I really hope that we hear more good news from Kodak and other film companies in 2017. The film should be on the market by the latter part of 2017.