Bergger is the best film company that you have never heard of. And whilst you may not be familiar with them, you soon will be. Bergger have busy busy, beavering away in the lab to come up with a NEW film. And by new, I mean completely new because they developed it themselves in the last remaining film manufacturer in France. Pancro 400 was announced at Photokina 2016 and should be available on the market soon.

BERGGER, continuation of GUILLEMINOT Company founded in 1857 is the latest French firm involved in silver photo products. Holding more than a century old patrimony in making darkroom products (B&W films and papers, chemistry etc…) BERGGER owns a worldwide reputation as well in the photographers as in the labs community.


Pancro400 is a new film. It belongs to the classical grain film range (cubic) and inherits its outstanding coating specifications from the latest and highest re- search and development steps.

Pancro400 main characteristics result from a mix of two panchromatic emulsions based on silver-bromide and silver-iodide, both differing from each other in grain size.

Pancro400 anti-halation layer is coated on the same emulsion side for every kind of film (135 and 120 roll films and sheet films). This gives the film its fa- mous very high resolution.

Photograph by Aurélien LE DUC

Pancro400 main characteristics can be described by thin grain, strong acutance, wide dynamic limits, extended range of grey scale and a large exposure allowance from ISO 100 to 1600.

Pancro400 development is quite easy with most developers available. Nevertheless the maximum of dynamic limits and grey colour range will be obtained by using BERGGER developers : Berspeed, Ber 49 and PMK.

This is very good news, a new film available on the market. Now we need someone to make a new colour film….
You can find out more about Bergger and their products on their site: and their instagram: