Dodge & Burn T-shirt Giveaway!
So Ted from D&B and I were having a chat, and we thought it would be really cool to do a T-Shirt giveaway. And it is really simple for you to get involved. Come and find out how you can win a snazzy Dodge & Burn T.

Recently Dodge & Burn released a new range of T-shirts. One of them is called ‘American Classics’, and it has proved to be a bit of a talking point amongst photographers already, with some very intertesting points of you on the D & B blog.
Ted and I thought this would be a good chance for the good people of JCH to chip in and hear your views on what names should be on the shirt. So we decided to make it a bit of fun and give you the chance to win an ‘American Classics’ T-shirt of your very own. Just like this one.


Here is how it works. We want to hear who you think should and shouldn’t be on the shirt. So our question to you is:

What photographers would you choose for an ‘American Classics’ T-shirt?

(American photographers only please)

The answer that we find the most interesting is the one that will win. It is as simple as that. All you need to do is leave your comment below and you have entered with the chance to win this spiffy T-shirt that will have everyone swooning*

*This may not actually be true, it is very unlikely that anyone will swoon in this day and age, we are not in Victorian London.

But wait, you can increase you chance to win by going over to the D & B facebook page and clicking that nice like button. And the same for the JCH facebook page. Giving you a triple header (we will check).

How’s about that then. And there is a chance that the best selection might be featured on the next shirt. Who knows (Ted, probably).
Entries will end on Wednesday the 9th of October.


Check out the Dodge & Burn website for their fine range of T-shirts and prints. The range is expanding all the time and the classic designs really show your love for cool cameras. You can also follow D&B on Twitter.