DIY Film Cannister Business Cards
I first saw these a while back when PetaPixel featured our very own Dan K with his cool little address tag made from film cannisters. Well, Dan has been really cool and knocked these special ones together for yours truly.

Dan K always surprises me, whether it is with a wild and classic camera or some crazy re-rolled film, but this time he has really surpassed himself. Dan makes these cool little film address cannisters for a bit of fun, and they are easy enough than anyone can make them. His original article is here with the complete instructions on how to personalise your film leaders.


These are so cool and a real talking point. Especially when you have a rare or cool film cannister like this awesome Kodak P3200 T-Max film. I have a couple of them on different bags and they always get noticed by the film crowd. People want to know how to make them.


But my new favoutite thing in the world? That would be these slide holder business cards that Dan also made for me. These are deeply impressive and anyone who takes one will never lose it. These are made using the exact same principles, but you can hand these ones out for a memorable and fun business card.

Have fun and show us your unique version!

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