Summer is here and it is time to flex your JCH colours. I have teamed up with TogTees to bring you a fresh new range of special edition T-shirts (and who knows what else).

TogTees and I have been busy beavering away to come up with some great new gear. These are the first of what will hopefully be a great range of gear. In case you don’t know about TogTees then here are a few words by the TogTees crew:

The Official JCH Tee

We are a group of photographers based in Philadelphia, USA. 2 years ago, we wanted some high-quality tees about photography to wear, and we couldn’t find any.  So we made our own.

Since then, we’ve shipped thousands of our tees to photographers around the world. We design, print, pack and ship everything right here in Philadelphia, and we make our tees the way we make our images: with passion, dedication to quality, and constantly striving to improve.

There’s only one Japan Camera Hunter, and he’s known around the world as a leading expert in beautiful, rare, and very expensive film cameras (aw shucks).

In addition to hunting down some of the world’s coolest analog machines, JCH also has his own line of 35mm film, can find you almost any lens you’re looking for, and knows every camera shop in Tokyo.

Whether he’s hunted down a unique camera for you, or you just follow him on Instagram, JCH is the go-to source for film photographers. We knew we had to come up with something special, and luckily, JCH himself approves of this design – the official Japan Camera Hunter Tee.

So here it is, the first of hopefully many. You can get them in three different colours and all the usual sizes. They are on pre-order now and the pre-order price is $35 instead of the usual $40. The shirts will be shipped in June. These are so new I haven’t even got one yet!

You can bag one by hitting the TogTees shop: Click here for the shop

TogTees also ran a little interview with me on their blog: Click here for the blog

Show your support for JCH and share you with your shirt on IG. I would love to see people all over the world rocking these.


New StreetPan shirts are available too!

As always your comments and thoughts are greatly appreciated.