Camera Geekery: Moon Labs Tiny Flash

Looks like there is a new player in town for teeny weeny flash units. It used to be that people would buy the Konica HX-14 or the Contax TLA200 when they needed something more intimate, but now there is a new option. The Moon Labs Tiny Flash.

Moon Labs

The guys at moon labs were kind enough to send me a test model of their lovely little flash and my first impressions are that it has a very simple method of use and a lovely sleek design. But the really big thing for me is that it is rechargeable via USB-C, as I always forget batteries. I am still in the process of testing it and will have some test shots up just as soon as I get the film developed. One thing that struck me was how simple this was to use, which was great as it has been a while since I shot flash.

But in the meantime you should really go and check out their new crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo

The world’s most compact camera flash

As photographers, we sometimes miss crucial shots because there is just not enough light at hand. Some of us address these situations with a flash, but it often adds bulk we don’t want to carry around. As a result, a majority of photographers never use a flash altogether. The operation of a conventional camera flash also tends to involve overly technical settings, the cumbersome logistics of carrying batteries and chargers; not to mention the compatibility issues that arise with older camera models.

These can make using a flash a daunting process, especially for those among us who favour a more candid approach to their practice.

At MOON we decided to address these issues. We set out to produce a camera flash that breaks away from those impracticalities, and allows photographers a strobe always at hand.

Underlying principles

To achieve this, we applied the same underlying principles of industrial and user experience design that were at the heart of some of the most practical innovations in photography: from Oskar Barnack’s invention of the compact 35mm Leica bodies, to Yoshihisa Maitani’s compact and efficient Olympus camera systems. Our aim was to devise and fine-tune the most optimal compromise between size, burst-power, battery life, recycle time, and ease-of-use, while reducing it to the most essential package.

The result is an elegant solution – a flash that’s compact enough to be with you at all times, in your pocket or mounted onto your camera. One that is effortless to operate, and does only what you need, perfectly.



W57.5 x D44 x H26.5mm (H30.5mm with the hot-shoe)

W2.2” x D1.7” x H1” (H1.2”with the hot-shoe)

Guide number: 12

Focal length: 30mm at 35mm equivalent

Flash recycle rate: 4 seconds

Bursts per charge: >100

Compatibility: The vast majority of camera hot-shoes (ISO 5182006), and older cameras with cold-shoes via the PC sync port. If your flash has a shoe, then it’s probably compatible.


You can check out their crowdfunding page here


And if you like using a flash and want something that doesn’t feel like carrying a brick then show your support for new and innovative design.