Camera Geekery: Kamerakraft LM GRIP

I am always looking for high quality products that suit my style and I think will be practical for us camera geeks (HMU to share your product) so when I heard about the KameraKraft LM grip I immediately knew I had to get my hands on one. And thanks to Vincent Bihler at KameraKraft I can now announce that JCH is an official dealer for the spiffing KameraKraft LM and I am rocking one on my camera.

The LM Grip

The inspiration for this design was borne from a need. When designing the grip, Vincent wanted an accessory that would make it easy to use his camera on a 3 month trip around Europe. It needed to be something that would make the camera sturdy and protect the camera. And the LM grip definitely does that.


The grip comes in two styles. Black metal and Walnut. The walnut version will age over time with use and will take on a kind of patina. Both are milled and are very high quality.

  • LMGRIP v2.0 Full Black metal option

  • LMGRIP v2.0 Walnut option


I have been using the grip on my Leica MP-6 for a few days now and I have found it to be versatile and solidly built. And it has some really nice little tricks up its sleeve too. I don’t know about you but I forget about batteries, often. And have found myself wandering around for quite some time for somewhere that sells LR44 batteries. The LM grip solves this issue with a nifty little battery compartment inside the grip, so you never need to look far for batteries.

The base plate also doubles up as Arca locking rail to make it easier to fit on a tripod without being uncentered. That is an inspired bit of design in my humble opinion and also helps the camera keep its balance when a heavy lens is attached.

Whilst this is a grip and is securely attached it is always wise to have a strap on your camera, just in case. I am thinking more slippy fingers as this grip feels really solidly attached to the camera. If you are not sure what strap you like then why not grab a JCH one?

If you would like to get one of these lovely grips JCH is now an official dealer, so you can grab one in the shop now.