Camera Geekery: JCH Soft Release Buttons
Just in time for summer, I have a whole bunch of new colours available for the JCH Soft Release Buttons. Now you can match the colour to your mood, or you clothes or something.


The JCH Soft Release Buttons have been really popular now and often sell out. So I decided to get a whole bunch of them made and added a few new colours to the mix. Now we have White, Red, Black, Green, Yellow, Orange and Blue.
Each release is hand milled and hand painted to the highest  standard. We are only making these in small batches to ensure that they come out perfectly. Because the brass is painted, it will wear over time to give you that beautiful patina and brassing that we all love on painted cameras.


On the base of the release there is a discreet etching with LS for Luke Satoru and JCH for yours truly. Nice and low key, no need for any big logos.

The releases will fit into any release screw on any camera that has one (which means loads and loads of cameras). I have recently changed the threading on the releases recently so they fit tighter in the camera. Please make sure you screw yours in nice and tight.

Click here to get yourself a fresh Soft Release