Camera Geekery: Candy Pink Leica M3
This camera is certainly going to turn some heads, and most likely rock some boats too. But regardless of how you feel about it, you cannot deny this one grabs you by the collar and makes you look at it. Come and check this fancy camera out.

I have been working with Kanto Camera over the years to make some very special pieces for my clients. From military styled cameras through to ridiculously cool Stormtrooper lenses. It has been a lot of fun and sometimes very challenging. So when Horatio (@streetsilhouettes) contacted me to work on a series of hyper styled cameras I knew things were about to get interesting.

Horatio was quite particular about the colour schemes that he wanted for this camera, the pink had to be really pink. No salmon or rose, this had to be a strong and bold colour. If you are going to really push the envelope when it comes to a personalized camera then you have to make sure you take it all the way. There were to be no half measures with this camera.

A lot of repaints are fairly standard affairs. Black all over and not much else. But this one completely shatters all of that. It is in your face and demanding to be gazed upon.
And bringing this creation to life was no standard affair either. It took several months of trying to find the right paint and then testing it.  The right leather, in the right colour and the right thickness. Making sure all of the individual script points had the right colour. and making sure everything looked right as well. It is not just a case of slap it on and hope it looks ok. This one was a real test.

As you can see the camera is sporting a matching 21mm Super Angulon lens, and there is a finder which is matching it too. The real stunner is the meter though. A bright candy pink meter, have you ever seen such a thing? Personally I love it. It looks really bold and almost good enough to eat.

Horatio and I worked closely for some months to make sure everything was perfect, and Kanto Camera also worked with me closely to make sure we can bring this to life.
And that is part of what I enjoy about making cameras like these. Learning about my clients and what makes their camera dreams come true if a very rewarding experience. It is always exciting, but never more so when you have a free reign to really see what can be done. Thank you to Horatio for giving me this opportunity.
This is not the last of the series. There are going to be more amazing cameras coming soon. Watch this space.

Now then, before you all start saying “but JCH, these are just fancy custom whotsits and nobody will actually use them”,  I can assure you they are not. I have close communication with all my clients and I can tell you that they are all being used as shooter cameras, much to their owners joy.

If you would like to get a camera like this (or something even wilder if that is possible) made for you then contact me and we can make it happen. Please understand that not all cameras can be repainted due to the materials used to manufacture the camera. If in doubt, please ask.

You can see Horatio’s style on his site

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