Buy Film Not Megapixels – Grade Select Goods
A lot of people ask me about getting some of my stickers, well, they are not mine. Ray at Gradeselect is the man behind the ‘Buy Film Not Megapixels’ gear and he has just released a lod more. Check it out…

Now before everyone gets their knickers in a twist about “Heyyy why all the hate about digital!!!!” and “fuck your film cameras, you dinosaur” (actually heard that one), this is not about hate. I took these pictures with a digital camera after all. It is about showing your love for film and having a bit of fun.

So, anyway, Ray from Gradeselect has been a big supporter of JCH since the beginning and I have been a fan of what he does too, so I am always happy when I get something in the post from him. And I got something cool today, some new T-shirts and stickers in different colourways.

I love the new red version of the sticker and I shall be sending them out with film case orders until I run out.
If you want to show your support or you just want to get your hands on some of this booty then you can either click the advertising banner on the right, or if you are too lazy you can follow this link:

It really is that simple. Go and get your stickers today, and then stick them on all the things! Oh, and get a beanie too, because they look rad and it is cold outside.