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Kollin’s caught the film bug since he last posted and found some economical means to pursue his new passion.

Hello again

Last time I submitted a bag it was all digital. Since then I have transitioned my personal work to film. Shooting digital was feeling too much like my work and I greatly prefer the look and feel of film. In my last post I talked about my eyesight and why photography was important to me. I’ll link that here if anyone is interested in reading that.

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I’m shooting mostly black and white film and have been learning to process at home. It’s been fun and interesting time. Once I got a few roles under my belt it became a lot less intimidating and now its a ton of fun and very economical, I never want to go back to a lab.

For the longest time I was intimidated by film due to the cost of materials, but once I stared I soon found that if done right it can be very economical. Currently I’m self employed and as much as I would like money to grow on trees it does not so I am trying to be creative with my spending and doing as much at home as I can. Once I run out of my roll film I’ll be transitioning to bulk loading since I found a LLOYD bulk loader at my local pawn shop for $10. Most likely I’ll use HP5 since its cheap in 100ft roles. I find part of the fun with film photography is not only being creative with the images but also being creative with your materials.

On to the gear.

Currently I’m using a black Pentax MX, It recently went in for servicing and the repair shop was intrigued that it was a black version. I’m not too sure on the history of this.

90% of the time I have a 28mm f3.5 mounted and a 50mm f2 for when I need a little more reach. I love the 28, its viewing angle works with my brain and its super sharp. I prefer the f3.5 over the f2.8 version since its sharper wide open. Mounted on top of the MX I have a Canolite D. This is a recent purchase, I wanted a super simple flash that was small is light. I know its designed for the Canonet and only runs at full power but its been fun experimenting with. I also have a Canonet QL17 that I want to try it on.

I found a Minolta Weathermatic with a bag and film case at thrift shop. The camera has a role of film in it and is being tested but for now I’ll keep the waterproof film case in my bag.

The rest of the bag holds some spare batteries, a cleaning brush, notepad, buisness cards and a pen.

The bag is a Lowepro Event Messenger 150.

Currently I’m working on a project where I document my neighborhood in an attempt to show how it is growing and changing. Its called “In Transition”. I have the book for sale on Etsy in paperback and PDF. If anyone is interested check it out. It was fun to lean how to layout a book, sort images and build a story out of them.

Thanks for reading.

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Thanks for checking back in with the update Kollin, best of luck on your projects!

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