In your bag No: 1573 – Rom de Guzman

Rom has finally gotten around to share with us the couple of gems he lugs around in his trusted totes.

Hi, my name is Rom de Guzman. I am an architecture student in the Philippines. I’ve been shooting analog for six years. Ever since I found out about this website, I’ve always thought to myself, “I’m gonna send a bag shot when I have gear nice enough to show.” Well, today is the day that I have given up on finding nice enough gear. Here are my cameras, world! Dust and all!

Neither of the cameras in my daily arsenal are what I originally set out to get, but since then, they have made themselves indispensable for the kind of photography I do.

The Canon Vi-T was meant to fill a rangefinder sized hole in my life after a somewhat unreliable Electro 35 and a dying Canon 7. What intrigued me about this model was the built in trigger wind, which I found awkward at first, but now lets me fire off multiple shots really quickly without taking my eye off the finder. The lens on it is the 50mm 1.8, which is no legendary piece of glass, but is perfect for me. I shoot wide open nearly all of the time, so this limit ensures a better chance of my subject being in focus. This goes into my backpack, which is my go-to for traveling. The camera goes into the side pocket for quick access, and overall, it’s a great system for shooting invisibly.

For everyday carry however, my newer (yet older) camera is a not-so-pristine Seagull 203 folding medium format camera. I bought this thing really cheap, and have paid for that fact multiple times over. Some McGyvering was necessary after one of the loading pins literally fell off, and when the film wind stuck, some professional work was necessary too. But the end result is amazing – a medium format camera that handles like a 35mm. It’s far from being stealth; heads will turn when the camera’s lens flips out. However, this camera is not for invisibility, but for when I’m out shooting in my own neighborhood, as the weird guy with the weird camera- a non threat. This goes into my schoolbag. When it’s folded in, you dont even notice its there.

Round these up with a Moleskine and a fountain pen, pretty much standard for any architecture student with a slight stationery fetish, and that’s my daily carry.

Sorry for the wordy entry, I tend to think about this stuff a lot.

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Thanks for sending us your bag shot Rom. What a coincidence, I’m also known in my neighborhood as “the weird guy with the weird camera” ;)

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