In your bag No: 1572 -Devon Salyer

Like the devil, Devon wears Prada to haul around compact goodies and film through the Aloha state. 

Hi, I’m Devon Salyer and I am a videographer in Huntsville, Alabama. Sometimes, my work takes me to Hawaii, so I’m going to share some of my toys for this trip.

1. Nikon L35AF- it’s one of my favorite cameras. It’s compact and I love the lens on it.

2. Konica Pop- this camera was gifted to me from one of my parent’s friends because she knew I liked film cameras. I’m all about trying out new cameras and seeing some cool photos on the internet, I decided to bring it along.

3. Lomography Diana F+ with a super-wide 38mm plastic fantastic lens- this is my tenth time to Hawaii, and third time on this island. I’ve shot every nook and cranny with my good Nikon F6, so I decided to challenge myself to see if I can get a different perspective with the same scenery using this cheap-o camera. I’ve used the Diana before while traveling, and got some pretty cool shots. I hope to do the same with this trip.

4. Rollei XF 35- this is my newest camera to date and my first rangefinder. I didn’t want to sink a lot of money into it if I didn’t like using this type of camera. I even adjusted the rangefinder to make it accurate again. I can’t wait to see what I get out of this camera.

JCH 35mm and 120 film holders- 120 film holder is stocked with Kodak Ektar, which gets the results I want when shooting with the Diana. The 35mm has a large variety of e-6, c-41, and black and white films.

Prada bag- it’s small,  but it does expand to fit all of my cameras and keep my wallet and keys all in the right place.

Anyway, daylight’s a burning, gotta go enjoy my day off and take some photos of beaches and palm trees! Thanks for reading.

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Devon Salyer

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