In your bag No: 1566 – Andrew Tomchyshyn

Andrew hauls more film on his back than most stores carry when traversing Southeast Asia. Check it out.

Hey, my name is Andrew Tomchyshyn and I’m a dual US/Canadian citizen who has spent time living in both countries.  I just wrapped up working in Japan for two years and am currently spending 8 months traveling SE Asia! I’ve been a film shooter since 2006 and can’t bring myself to travel without a film camera. I’ve done many trips shooting strictly film and this trip is no different! 

My kit:

MEC Alpinelite 60L backpack. Bought this backpack in 2012 from MEC, an awesome Canadian outdoor co-op store.  This bag has traveled the world with me; from the busy streets of Vietnam and Berlin to the rugged wilderness of British Columbia and the American West. It’s lightweight and has a zipper that runs down the side, giving you access to anything inside no matter where you packed it! I’ve never owned a camera bag, wrapping my camera in a tshirt or sweater has always been sufficient. Cameras are tools, not babies!

Fuji GA645. I bought this camera while living in Japan and fell in love with its portability. The sharp 60mm lens is equivalent to 35mm in 135 format, which is my preferred everyday focal length. The ability to shoot 120 and 220 film makes it fantastic for travel (32 frames per roll of 220!), as does the pop-up flash which I’ve used in a pinch. The only fault is the autofocus that screams like a wounded banshee.  

Fuji Natura S. I also bought this camera while living in Japan and quickly realized it’d be the perfect travel companion to the GA645. The wide and fast 24mm f1.9 lens screams flexible travel camera. When the light gets too low for the GA’s F4 lens, the Natura S is ready to take over. The wide angle lens also lends itself extremely well to shooting travel photos packed full of context. My absolute favorite combo is this loaded with Fuji Velvia 50.

For film, I’ve really taken to slide in the past 18 months. Nothing beats having sheets upon sheets of slides on a light table. Shooting only slide forces me to completely forget about shooting in anything other than perfect light. I’m sure lots of photographers can relate to always looking for pictures…especially while traveling. By having both my cameras loaded with slide film, I’m essentially forcing myself to leave the cameras behind if it seems the light won’t cooperate.  In total I’m travelling with ~125 rolls of film. Carrying around this much film definitely takes up space and weight so to save space, I sourced as much 220 film in my preferred emulsions as possible for the GA645. I began my trip with:


45x Fuji Provia 400X. Incredibly versatile slide film; pushes well to 1600. Perfect for travel and using in the GA645.  So sad this was discontinued. A true loss for the film world.


10x Fuji 160NS. My favorite, in-production C41 film. The way it renders greens is untouchable by any other C41 film I’ve tried.

10x Fuji Velvia 100. For those times when punchier colors is needed. A great E6 supplement to the 400X.  

8x Fuji Pro 800NPZ. Great for shooting in dark jungles and other low-light situations.

20x Kodak Portra 400VC. My all-time favorite C41 film.  The colors are what Ektar wishes it could be. The merger of the Portra NC and VC line into the new Portra was a sin that can only be rectified by Kodak reintroducing Ektachrome.


10x Fuji Trebi 100C. Discontinued ‘beginner’ slide film.  Think Provia minus its trademark cool tone.

7x Fuji Velvia 50. A must have for those places with bright colors.

5x Fuji Provia 400X. This coupled with the f1.9 lens allows for handheld night exposures.

3x Fuji Provia 100F. Brought this simply because I didn’t have enough 400X.

3x Fuji Pro 400. The older version of 400H. Nice, pastel colors.

2x Fuji Natura 1600. Insane flexibility with this film. Night or day, it looks incredible.

So, aside from a few pairs of underwear, some shirts, and a pair of shorts that’s about all I’m carrying these days. If Fuji is feeling generous maybe they can sponsor me so I can buy another pair of shorts (or shoes, I’m in need of some hiking boots for the volcanos of Indonesia). I’m a walking Fuji advertisement with all this Fujifilm stuff!

Thanks for reading and if anyone has any questions about traveling with film feel free to drop me a line!  You can find me on Instagram where I recently started a new film-only Instagram account.

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