In your bag No: 1558 – Aaron Dixon

Aaron’s bag keeps his gear cool in the aesthetic and temperature sense of the word. 

My name is Aaron. I’m not exactly sure what to say about myself. I originally took a college photo class soon after father passed away to try something he loved that I never had tried, and I fell in love with it. Fast forwarding to recently. I graduated with a BFA in photography, and due to life being crazy I declined my MFA offer in New York to pursue a degree in Radiology. 

Although I am not making a living off of my work, I still make images regularly. This is because photography for me is about being captivated by glimpses of beauty, and trying to hold on to the beauty. As far as what I like to do, it’s anything that has a process to it or is one of a kind. This ranges from Wet Plate processes to taking instant photographs. While I don’t use my darkroom much, I still develop all my own film and then scan it.


This is one of many bag setups I have : 

– Kodak Kodachrome Cooler Bag

-Pentax 67

-Graflex Anniversary Speed Graphic

-4X5 holders

-Custom Ektar Board& Accessories

-178mm Aero Ektar 

-55mm Pentax 67

-45mm Pentax 67

-135mm Pentax 67 


I have more cameras, filters, light meters, and accessories, but the above are my favorites. I plan on getting more equipment in the future. I hope to get a few more lenses for the 67 and speed graphic, as well as a Rolleiflex SL66. 

I don’t post much on social media, but here is my Flickr.

With Love,


Thanks for sending us your bag shot Aaron. “Cool” idea. Surprised those straps can handle all that hefty 120 gear.

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