In your bag No: 1556 – Robin Schimko

Robin reveals the exquisite metal, glass and celluloid tucked away in this handsome travel sac. No wonder he switched from digital.

Thought about sharing my analog set up for a long time. Finally, while being on a trip through Japan and Korea the time has come to show you what I am currently traveling with.

I am relatively new to film photography and earlier this year after being intrigued by the look and feel of the images coming out of the Hasselblad X-Pan I decided to try film for the first time. Starting with the first roll I developed more than 100 rolls at home and I felt in love with the whole process right away. 

A little later I also added a Mamiya C330 and a Leica M6 to my kit. The Mamyia is a little to bulky and heavy to travel with so I am rather using it at home. Since I already had a Leica Monochrom the M6 felt very familiar. After using it for a while I sold the digital Leica because most of the time I picked the analog one and I am not regretting my decision ever since. 

I brought a lot film with me on my trip. Some of it is b&w (JCH 400, HP5+) but I mainly shoot Kodak Vision3 motion picture film in different variants. The only 120 roll I brought is JCH Streetpan and I already shot it using a friend’s Yashica Mat 124G and I can’t wait to see the results! 

My camera bag of choice is a Billingham Hadley Pro which served me very well since I got it. I have a couple of other very nice leather bags but I mainly use the Billingham.

I also started a Youtube channel where I take my viewers along with me by filming with a GoPro on top of my camera. 

Enough said, I am going out to shoot some more film now! :)

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Thanks for sending us your lovely bag shot Robin as well as sharing your links. Those Vision3 colors are sublime.

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