In your bag No: 1544 – Michael Duke

Michael checks back in with us and shares a lovely surprise addition to the arsenal.

You’ve been kind to feature a few of my camera kit bags in the past. My latest set-up comes courtesy of a 40th birthday gift from my wife, who surprised me with a Fujica GS645.

I suspect the camera was a demo of some sort, because the serial number on the lens has been blotted out. That being said, the camera works beautifully, has a super bright finder and original bellows in tact. Thanks for hooking me up recently with a matching green JCH soft release.

My wife and I do a bit of traveling together (I’m a journalist, she’s a museum curator, and we both also moonlight as teachers). Since getting serious about film photography about two years ago, I’ve wanted a travel camera that shoots 120. Being a folder, the GS645 fits in a small, discrete bag, or even a jacket pocket, which is perfect. The point is to go light, so apart from the camera, the only other carry items are a few film cases, full of Tri-X, Portra 400 and Acros 100. For dim lighting conditions, I’ll also include a little tripod.

The camera will collect its first passport stamp this fall as my wife and I head to Mexico City and its environs for a week. In the meantime, I’m practicing with the camera, shooting some street photography in our home town of Houston, Texas, getting used to the 6X4.5 format and this camera’s default portrait orientation. 

You know you’ve married the right person when you receive a little gem like this!


Michael Duke

Thanks for the update Michael, not the slightest bit of envy over here ;)  Looking forward to seeing those pics from Mexico!

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