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Robert packs and oldie but goodie with all the essentials in his daily kit. Check it out.

Greetings from London, with my beat up Nikon FM and Nikkor 28mm. Bought the FM used with no idea of its history – if this camera could talk, it would no doubt have some stories to tell, of countless moments captured for eternity. I like that thought. I’ve lived in and around this part of the world all of my 45 years, with one aching back, many cameras and multiple setups bringing me to where I am now; with a handful of classic film cameras in my camera cupboard, and only ever one camera out on the streets at a single time. My earliest camera memory? The family Olympus Trip 35, and yes I’ve still got that little bad boy. Give it good light and the simple two shutter speed snapper still delivers.

In the eighties I had myself the wonder of a Kodak disc camera. Now that was poop. It’s tiny negative and crappy lens would surely be perfect today for creating out of focus ‘art’. Or maybe not. But, of course, photography is not art – capturing the pre given reality rather than imposing our own will upon the world to change that existing reality (couldn’t paint, my poetry is awful, I picked the camera, ok?) I digress. I just know someone got lucky at the 1987 local church fête with that little Kodak disc machine, I guarantee. My bag is a small Swiss Gear man bag (starting to see a small pattern? – I am metrosexual, and err.. small, after all. Anyway, it’s just the right size for one camera/lens, film, Leica flash, FlashQ triggers and wipes – no not for an incontinence emergency – the lens type :-) and a small book, such as one of the excellent Thames & Hudson Photofile series or a bit of philosophy when I feel like philosophising.

Been shooting street for 3 years. Started to bulk load film and develop in Rodinal at home this year with a minimal darkroom setup. My longer term aim? To produce photo essays based around local social and political issues, especially on subjects which are misrepresented by biased mainstream media. This year I’ve covered two London demonstrations, and produced modest photo essays – links to them below if you’re interested. So that’s me and my camera. Nothing too complicated. The image is what it’s about, after all. Finally, I just want to reiterate what others have said before regarding JCH. It’s bloody brilliant, and my life would be much poorer without it. Hat’s off to you Bellamy, sir.

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Thanks for the lovely comment and sharing your bag with us Robert. Simple is most of the time best indeed.

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