In your bag No: 1540 – Sergio Marcheselli

Sergio is a Nikon purist. He wanted to “awaken emotions of the past” and went analog with this setup.

Ciao JCH’s readers! My name is Sergio Marcheselli and I live near Mantova, in the north of Italy. I work as an employee but I dedicate so much of my free time to photography. I started photographing so many years ago when I was a kid of 14 years with a Yashica FX103 and a Zeiss lens I do not remember the model, but after a while I stopped because I did not have anybody’s guide.

Then, in 2012, I came back to the desire to photograph and I’ve bought a digital camera and since then, despite being an amateur photographer, I’ve been trying to advance both as experience and as devices. I mainly focus on landscape photography and naturalistic photography but if light catches my interest I do not set limits. But I was passionate about the analog, for “slow photography” and I was looking for a camera that could awaken the emotions of the past. I bought a Nikon F6 that allows me to use all the Nikkor optics I already have, but this is another story.

Actually, the real trip back in time was when I found a Nikon F3 and a Nikkor 50mm f/2 AI lens, both new, never used (I’m very jealous of my gear!). I love this camera, I love to take some time to photograph, I like to look at the light and measure it calmly, with an external Sekonic L-408 Multimaster meter and then write the shot data on the Moleskine notebook, which becomes a real photographic accessory.

I already had two other lenses I can use on the F3: a Nikkor AF 24mm f/2.8 D and a Nikkor AF 35mm f/2 D and they are also finished in the “analog” bag, a shoulder bag Kata (now acquired by Manfrotto) lightweight, durable and, above all, well padded to protect my treasures (read Gollum’s voice).
My favorite films are Kodak Portra (160 and 400 ISO) and the Kodak Ektar 100; I received some P30 Alpha 80 ASA b/w films I have yet to try and I’m going to buy and try the JCH Streetpan films. Cleaning accessories and a Manfrotto tripod (not in photo) complete my bag. Thank you for the patience you have been reading and thank JCH for hospitality. If you are not scared easily, you can look at my shots on .

Sergio Marcheselli

Thanks for sharing your gear with us, Sergio.  Can’t go wrong with these choices, tried and true work horses.

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