In your bag No: 1539 – Thomas Florestan

Thomas shows us the portable studio setup on his back. There’s even a little printer in there!

Kia Ora from Geneva, Switzerland

I’m from New Zealand originally but have been in Switzerland since last century. Like a lot of Kiwis, I get around and am lucky to travel extensively with my job, including Japan every December (love that crisp, early winter light).

My photographic interests are broad but I have a passion for contemporary and experimental photography – artists pushing the boundaries with process and form like Daisuke Yokota or Tiane Doan Na Champassak. I try and put a little cash aside every month with a view to buying a couple of prints every year. There is no replacement to living with a printed photograph, be it in a book or on a wall.

In My Bag

I’m not one for camera bags and tend to throw everything in my Osprey backpack (pictured) or a Freitag messenger bag. Usually I’m carrying 2 or 3 cameras – 2 film and 1 digital. The key for me is compact. My go-to digital camera is the Fujifilm x100T and I’m currently pondering the x100F. Film-wise, I appreciate the simplicity of the Olympus XA2. The Contax T2 is usually with me too. Ergonomically gorgeous, it is exquisite to use. Almost forgot the Polaroid Snap. I use this primarily as a printer for my phone pics. These are then stuck into a little journal with a few notes. Otherwise, a couple of small Freitag pouches for keys, an Il Bussetto red leather coin purse, an Ordning & Reda pencil case, films, batteries, Macbook and a flyer I picked up at the Rencontres d’Arles festival in July 2017.

In the process of building my darkroom so planning to get my hands dirty over the coming months.

My own photography is largely reactive and informal. The streets offer endless serendipitous moments and that’s where I find most of my inspiration.



Thanks for sharing your gear with us, Thomas. Good luck with that darkroom, will be looking forward to seeing some of your psychedelic prints!

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