In your bag No: 1522 – Emilio Doggett

Emilio shares with us what is the most Praktical setup for travel adventures.

My name is Emilio Doggett and i’m a student from the UK. Living in rural England, your not presented with great or diverse scenery that makes you go ‘wow’ which is why I got interested in photography. Magazines like National Geographic and photos from my dad’s backpacking days offered me a way out of this sterilized green-grey nightmare and allowed me to partly experience places like the Kazakh steppe or temples of old Siam that cannot truly be explained by words alone. It is therefore my ambition to photograph my travels and instill that old world sense of adventure in the people back home. It’s impossible to explain without being slightly hipsterish!

My gear has always been of the “good enough” variety. Cheap Eastern Bloc models like my beloved Praktica MTL3 and early Zenit models were bought for an absolute steal in charity shops and offered all the functions I could need, again coming with those “good enough” lenses. Everything I carry has to be hardy, taking a fair amount of abuse on the road. It’s part of the reason I don’t take newer digital models with mostly plastic bodies, i’m just too worried about a £300 camera falling off a wall and getting smashed to bits. I also have to be able to travel light, I take a wide lens for landscapes and a 58mm for portraits, you’ll likely never need more than that. It all fits into a tough old messenger bag that I can easily keep my eyes on in dodgy parts of town.

Film I use out of convenience, it’s becomes easy to shoot with and identify problems + it’s much more convenient to just keep films in the cool box with your lunch than to carry around 2 chargers, 4 batteries and keep track of your SD cards all while searching for plug sockets when you eventually run out of juice. Even the cheapest films like Colourplus or Vista can offer up really vibrant colour if used right so make sure to try out everything and find what works for you before splashing out on Ektar straight away.

In my bag: Praktica MTL3, Takumar 28mm Lens + case, Helios-44 58mm lens, hood, Minolta flash, Kodak Colourplus x3

Instagram: theundeadinari

Almost became an essay, but thanks for reading anyway!


Thanks for sending in your bag shot, Emilio and sharing how film works better for you. Vista is no slouch!

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