In your bag No: 1519 – Nathan Bucag

Nathan shares how after much trial and error, he’s settled with this minimal setup. I suddenly have a craving for some chips…

Hi! I’m Nathan Bucag from the Philippines. I started shooting with film cameras almost a decade ago because I couldn’t afford a DSLR then so I bought a cheap Lomo Fisheye just for fun. In hindsight I may have actually spent more because I eventually started buying all sorts of cameras including Leicas, Rolleiflexes and Hasselblads but honestly I don’t regret taking that route. Shooting with different cameras and getting to know how to operate them is part of the fun. Unfortunately though I’ve since sold off most my cameras and I’m left with mostly Leicas because I’m off to business school full-time and I need the extra money for other needs.

I’ve been travelling a lot in the past several years around Southeast Asia and it’s been a blessing that I’ve learned film photography because I get to print photos from my trips which are either in small photobooks or in frames hanging on the walls of our house. I believe the process ends when you are looking at an actual print.

So I’d like to share the default travel setup I usually carry with me whenever I’m travelling:

Domke F-5XB – I like to keep it light because I take long walks to explore nooks and crannies of every city I visit. The bag is perfect for 2 Leica camera kits or 1 Leica camera kit plus a TLR.

Leica M2 and M4 – I generally shoot with 35mm lenses because they are perfect for tight shots in narrow streets or for taking environmental portraits. Herein shown are the 35 Summaron 2.8 and the 35 Summicron 2.0 v3. The M2 with Summaron is usually loaded with Fuji 400 speed color film and the M4 with Summicron is loaded with 400 speed black and white film. I also put cut outs of the McDonald’s logo (from their coffee collar holders) on the hotshoe of each camera for fun — matches the color of the leather strap quite nicely. These two kits are heavily used and have been drenched in the rain on quite many occasions.

Fuji Superia Xtra 400 – I love the colors coming out from Fuji color films. I bought a ton of these when I visited Japan because they were cheaper there. I also shoot black and white film (HP5+ or Eastman 5222).

Sekonic L308B – I use an external meter to get a general sense of different lighting situations in a specific area and then shoot away. It’s also useful for scenes which have difficult and uneven lighting.

Microfiber lens cloth – This is for cleaning the cameras after a day of heavy use.

Fujifilm Simple Ace disposable camera – My friends buy me fujifilm disposable cameras whenever they visit Japan. I use them in my travels for quick snapshots of my friends.

I’m off to Taipei in a couple of days and I’m hoping for good weather and good light.

And if anyone is interested my photos are here:

Thanks for sending in your bag shot, Nathan. Hope you got some sweet shot from Taiwan!

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