In your bag No: 1518 – Henry Balaszeskul

Henry returns and shares some new beauties to the family. The world’s premier press camera once upon a time…

After an additional few hundred “in your bag”, I am now back again and again. A lot has changed since last time two years ago. I am now 23 years old, still studying photography in Berlin and will be finishing my studies this autumn. Come by when you are in Berlin. More on my website. 

And yes, my Leica family has grown. Half a year ago I sent the M9 retired and bought me an M262. My Leica-dealer offered me an offer that I could not refuse. I’m very satisfied. Also this Leica confirms the quality and takes with me every job. The Summilux 50mm f/1.4 ASPH I bought in an auction in good value and a 28mm Minolta Rokkor has also come to this.

For me this is an incredibly good equipment. My clients have also changed in recent years. There are many weddings and big events and it is very handy to work with two cameras. In addition, it makes a more professional impression. :D

Analog I like working with the M6 and the 35mm Summarit. But unfortunately I work much too little analog, although I am always totally excited when there is again a film to develop. I have to force myself to be lucky. :D

A year ago, I realized a analog dream. An old 4x5inch Crown Graphic Graflex. I’ve been looking for very long on Ebay and then found her in Ohio. The shipping up to Germany was a big adventure and not exactly cheap but it has settled. 

Working with this camera is something completely new to me. I work differently and more calmly. Also the development of the Negative is on an entirely different level. You can do so much wrong but if it works then it is worth the work.

My first work with this camera can be found on my website.

The flash on the Graflex was meant to be photographed on the street. Another form of Streetphotographie. ;)

But it is very difficult not to attract attention. But I will try again.

It is just cool and i feel like in the old Movies from the 1950s.

Here you’ll find me:





Henry Balaszeskul

Thanks for coming back again Henry. Looks like your patience paid off in spades!

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