In your bag No: 1516 – Christian Miller

Christian starts his film journey with some nice kit. I have a soft spot in my heart for the X-700, 1981’s European Camera of the year.

Hi my name is Christian and I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma!

I’ve only recently gotten into photography and thanks to a good friend of mine, I got my start with film. After getting bit by the film bug and purchasing my first camera (the Minolta X700), I really wanted to dive into a quality rangefinder and also some sort of medium format camera. Also around this time, my wife had me watch the old classic movie “Funny Face” with Audrey Hepburn, which features Fred Astaire using a multitude of beautiful Rolleiflexes. Those definitely got my attention! After spending time researching, I ran across this awesome site (and a few camera hunting excursions on youtube) and fell in love with the simple yet elegant design of the Leica. While not having a budget to really afford either of those cameras, I was determined to find something that would work! Thats when my Canonet QL17 and Yashicamat EM came into the picture. I ran across another friend selling the Canonet, and after finding out that its called “a poor mans Leica,” I knew I needed to get it! About a month later, I found my Yashicamat on eBay for a killer deal and scored it! Obviously in the future I still would love a Rollei and a nice Leica, but its nice to know that no matter what budget you have, there’s still some nice glass to be had! Just maybe not something with Zeiss around it ha! 

Now back to my bag, its a Ohuhu that I found on eBay as well. I usually keep some extra filters, a cloth, and a couple of extra lens’s for my X700. My favorite film to shoot is Kodak 400, Cinestill 800T, Ilord HP5, and Kodak 400tx. 

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Thanks for sharing with us, Christian.  Can’t really do much better for a “bang for your buck” start.

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